"I'm extremely proud"

Do you remember Pierre, the young farmer from Benin? Thanks to his agricultural training, he was able to start a thriving farming business. He sent us a video to thank us.


Pierre has grown from a promising student at Songhaï agricultural school into a motivated entrepreneur. We met Pierre during the full-immersion visit by ambassador Jan and UCLL project coordinator Sofie. At that time, the business was still in its infancy. Now he is running a thriving farming business thanks to his good planning and business insight.

An example for others

Pierre fully grasped his chance and it did not stop there. He also shares his enthusiasm and knowledge with others. Every week, he gives training to around 30 contemporaries from his village on farming themes. "I'm extremely grateful to the Collibri Foundation. I’m extremely proud and we will definitely continue to rise to the challenge," said Pierre.

You can also read other stories about Pierre. Accompany us on a visit to his farm in this video. You can also read here about the efforts he had to make to start his farming business.

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