"If I really want something, I should just go for it"

M'mah Barthélémy Bangoura, 18 years old, will start her advanced studies in the fall. She will do this in an unexpected place: the United World College in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Studying in South America? “The last few years have been one big rollercoaster of unique experiences. This adventure is the cherry on top”, M'mah tells us.

"Four years ago, I was handed some forms from the Collibri Foundation projects Boost. 'Tailored guidance to help increase my chances of success? We'll see.' I filled out the forms, because what did I have to lose? I made the cut, and I have not regretted it for a single moment. My life has changed drastically: I took language internships, attended the Women 2 Women Conference, and I get to continue my studies abroad. It's a singular experience!"

Encouraging coach

"What has given me to most satisfaction so far? The efforts I put in to gain entrance to the UWC, and the rewards at the end. They don't just accept anyone. I really had to fight for my place. Fortunately, I could count of the support of my Boost coach, who encouraged me whenever things didn't go as well. I've learned that if I really want something, I should just go for it!"

Clear picture of the future

"Boost taught me to have clear goals. In the short term, I want to study, get to know new people and new countries, discover things. In the long term, I know exactly what my future looks like. I will go to law school or study political sciences so I can be a politician. I have met so many interesting people in the past four years, and I've heard so many ideas. I want to do more with that."

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