"An enriching project for my pupils and for myself"

Maria Irene Ardila Rivera was born and raised in Santander, a region that is dear to her heart. As a teacher, she wants to give her primary school pupils a goal for the future.

"Growing up on a farm was simply amazing. Every morning before I went to school I would help with milking the cows. When I came home, I would take the calves back to the cowshed with my parents. Or I would help with bringing in the dried coffee beans. There was always something to experience!

Together with my family, I lived and worked right in the middle of nature. This had a huge influence on the rest of my life, as I was certain I wanted to become a teacher in the countryside. Today I teach at Florentino Gonzalez primary school. This is my dream job and I have seen many changes in Santander since the ‘Education for the Future’ project started. The technical support and social guidance from the project not only helps young people set up a coffee business. It also gives them a goal in life. And that is extremely important.

Our school has undergone considerable expansion. We received a computer room with 30 computers. This is an amazing tool for young people, and as a teacher I benefit from it too. We followed workshops on psychology, technology and IT together with colleagues. This added a lot of value, and not only for myself. These courses mean I can also provide better support to my pupils. You could say that we have gone through an entire learning process together. Thank you to everyone who made this possible."

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