Efico connects Colombian youngsters during the corona period

The corona virus spreads all over the world and also affects young people participating in our projects abroad. In Colombia, where we train young people to become coffee entrepreneurs with Collibri partners Efico Foundation, FNC and SENA, everyone is forced to stay at home since the crisis outbreak. Consequently, it is becoming more difficult to organise lessons and training. However, the organisations are going all out to stay in touch with the students online.

Online classes

"Today, young people in the farms have classes in WhatsApp groups", says Eduar Omar Medina Torres of FNC in Colombia. "The typical rain and storms of this time of year make the Internet connection unpredictable and slow down communication. Still, we succeed in giving the students assignments and keeping them active. The tutors are elaborating customised lessons for instance. We also give them advice about hand hygiene and we make sure we can restrict the impact of the virus together.



Stay connected

Students are safe at home and they are less likely to be infected, but they are concerned about social isolation. The farms in the country are secluded and for many of them, the situation is not easy. To stay in touch with the outside world, Efico set up the 'Quédate en casa' (stay at home) action. Students and their family create a nicely decorated board with this slogan. By sharing photos, they show how their family is dealing with the measures, they stay in contact and they are creative. It motivates them to comply with the rules while having fun.

Overcoming together

Meanwhile, the number of corona virus victims is rising in Colombia. For this reason, President Iván Duque prolonged the measures at least to mid-May. Efico narrows the distance with creative solutions and e-learnings. In these circumstances, the strength and added value of long-term partnerships really shows. Collibri Foundation, Efico Foundation, FNC & SENA are proud to look back on more than 15 years of project support and cooperation with young people in Colombia. A similar view on the development of young people and making coffee more sustainable is a solid foundation for the future.

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