A Boost for final year students!

This year, 24 Brussels "Boosters" start their last secondary school year. What are their dreams and expectations? And how can Boost help? We asked Ioana and Yasmine, two students who go to school in Schaarbeek.

Ever since 2014, Collibri Foundation supports the Brussels part of King Baudouin Foundation's Boost project. With intensive coaching, Boost helps young students to go through their studies successfully and to improve their chances on the employment market and in life.

Ioana (right): “Next year I want to study medicine in Romania. I’m already preparing the entrance exam.”

Ioana starts her last year at the Sainte-Marie La Sagesse college in Schaarbeek on 1 September. "I am studying sciences. It will be a very important year because I want to start studying medicine next year. In Romania, the country where I was born. I am already preparing the entrance exam in order to find out whether I have to brush up my knowledge of chemistry or maths. Thanks to Boost, I can have the personal assistance of a teacher for this. Which is fantastic of course."

Yasmine: "It will be a special year. Indeed, after secondary school, we will have to build our own life. In this respect, this year will be the end of a stage. I am studying sciences-maths-English at the Institut de la Vierge Fidèle in Schaarbeek. Afterwards, I would like to study something covering science and health. Medicine? Maybe ... I hope it will become clear to me this year."

What does Boost mean to you?

Ioana: "Boost is an incredible support: we are coached until we graduate from higher education. There are several activities all year long, usually on Wednesday afternoon or sometimes during weekends. A course to learn to speak before an audience, the Nike Day where we meet all the other Boosters in the country, an online meeting with the sister of Saudi Arabian women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul ... Captivating, surprising activities broadening our outlook on the world and boosting our self-confidence. There are also more practical courses: about methods for studying for example."

Yasmine: "Boost is like family to me. I never had any outdoor activities before. Now I have the activities on Wednesday afternoon where we can learn something in the company of other young people. Boost has taught me a lot and opened many doors. And if we have questions or concerns, we can turn to Jasmina, our coach. The lockdown changed everything last year, but I hope we can meet again this year. The Boost project is mainly a boost for confidence: you explore new possibilities, make new friends and you very enthusiastically go for it!"

We wish Yasmine, Ioana and all the other Boosters a successful and pleasant school year.

On Wednesday afternoon the Brussels “Boosters” meet up for interesting activities.

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