Arrival of the Indonesian interns

A far trip to another continent, exciting! But the Indonesian students who will do an internshipt at Colruyt Group in the next three weeks mainly want to gain knowledge and experience.

For Isadora, Lia and Municha, this visit to Belgium is not a holiday. It is the reward for their hard work during the studies. After exams, theses, English classes and essays, they arrived in our country this weekend and finally started the internship they have been looking forward to for so long.

Work ...

Every student will have a coach who will help them complete three assignments. Because apart from gaining work experience, the interns also gain knowledge with respect to circular economy. This is an economy that wants to uses products and resources as efficiently as possible and create as little waste as possible. The goal: using that knowledge to set up a project themselves when they get back.

At the end of the internship, the students will each give a presentation on their experiences in Belgium, their host family and Colruyt Group. They will subsequently present their business case regarding circular economy.


But also relaxation

After all, Isadora, Lia and Munich are staying with host families. They will be staying with Marie France, Bert and Marc respectively, who all three are Colruyt Group colleagues. They will receive the students with open arms and will completely submerge them in Belgian culture.

We wish them a fun and especially informative internship!

Get to know our three graduate students better. Read their ID kit here. Curious how the students are experiencing their time in Belgium? Follow them on our Instagram account.

Collibri Foundation has been active for about 10 years in Indonesia. Read more about our project  and see how the internship of the students went in  2014.

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