Brazil: part-time training and employment

Family farming works. In the Brazilian region of Goiás, school children are learning new cultivation techniques and useful skills for further expanding their own farm.
From 2018
EUR 20,650/year
Brazil, South America

At school and on the family farm

Learning new skills is only really successful if you can actually try them out in practice. Or at least that’s what some 88 students are trying out at their school EFAORI (Escola Família Agrícola de Orizona). TRIAS and Collibri Foundation are helping them do this. The students study full-time at school for part of the school year. They then work at home for a while so that they can put their knowledge to the test directly on the farm. And a few weeks later, they go back to school again to gain new knowledge. In short: studying part-time at school, completing part-time projects at home.

Key skills

The students learn an array of skills in EFAORI that they can use to the full for managing their own farm. These include digital skills. Collibri Foundation has bought 17 laptops, a wi-fi router and a wi-fi antenna. Students themselves can then get to work with them in their IT lab. Spreadsheets, for example, are a very handy tool for any farmer.

Specific training on how a cooperative works is also discussed. The students take e-learning courses on how to handle money and workshops on leadership and empowerment. And they use the RTRS tips (Round Table for Responsible Soy) to manage their fields sustainably.

Exchanges with students in Brazil and Belgium

The project in Goiás is not an isolated island. We want to strengthen the networks for young farmers in Brazil in collaboration with the students. And an international exchange is also being planned.

  • Youth Synergy: a community of 9 students from different areas of Brazil, the city as well as the countryside. The students will swap experiences, learn about each others’ living environments and find out about the importance of networking.
  • Green Ring: in 2019, a few students will be coming to Belgium from Goiás. During their visit, we shall be sharing ideas and working methods with the Green Ring, a youth organisation in the Flemish agricultural and horticultural sector.

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