Scholarships for secondary school students

For this scholarship programme, we chose two schools in the Semarang region. 

1. Madrasah Aliyah Nurul Huda

This is a private, Islamic school that offers general education. Several years ago, the school was just as bad as other schools when it came to facilities and equipment.  There were only the barest means available: in 2005 there were no computers, no school library, no language facilities.

2. SMK Setia Budhi

This is a private secular school that offers technical education (higher secondary). The students come from working class families and at least half the students have a job in the morning. When the collaboration with Collibri Foundation was started (in 2005) the computer facilities were hopelessly outdated.

Stability for both the student and the school

The scholarships provide a stable source of income for both the students and the schools. This also ensures a steady group of teachers, so they can work on a reliable curriculum. The best thing about the Collibri Foundation scholarships is that they apply to a large group of students and they are awarded for a period of several years.

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