Call for new Belgian projects

Collibri Foundation currently supports twelve projects abroad and five projects in Belgium. We now launch a call for new projects, in order to select two new Belgian partner organisations which we will support for a period of five years. Interested? Check out the criteria and submit your application before 9 January 2022.

Which projects/organisations are we looking for? 

Collibri Foundation supports motivated youngsters between the ages of 15 to 24 who find themselves in a vulnerable context, in Belgium or abroad. Our mission is to give these youngsters more opportunities for a successful future through training and exchange. We do this by focusing on our two priority themes:

  1. We support the professional integration of the youngsters. This can be done through trainings and support that focus on fostering soft skills, self-confidence, or an entrepreneurial mindset amongst others. This way we aim to reduce the gap between the youngsters and the job market.

  2. We promote citizenship. This can be done through activities that sensitize youngsters on themes such as solidarity, North-South issues, the multicultural society, migration or world citizenship. This encourages a better understanding of society and civic engagement among the youngsters.

Check out all criteria to discover your eligibility.


Our offer 

If your project is selected by Collibri Foundation, you will receive both financial and non-financial support during five years (including the exit period).

Financial support amounts to 250,000 euros over five years, the standard allocation being 50,000 euros per year. This allocation can vary depending on the needs of the organisation.

Non-financial support includes capacity building and coaching, access to expertise or competencies, trainings and workshops, mentoring of youngsters, access to networks and key players, visibility and in-kind support.


The selection procedure

After the submission deadline, the Collibri Foundation team will preselect several projects based on the online application. After this, we will invite the preselected projects for an online interview. Next, the finalists will be invited for field visits and will be evaluated by the Advisory Committee. The considerations of the Committee will support the Board of Directors to make their final decision.


  • 15 November – 9 January: online submission period
  • 10 - 21 January: online interviews
  • 24 January – 2 February: field visits
  • 14 February: evaluation of the finalists by the Advisory Committee
  • 28 February: final selection by the Board of Directors of Collibri Foundation

If your organisation and/or project meets all requirements, do not hesitate to Apply.

Note that this link leads to an initial questionnaire. Depending on your answers, we will email you the official application form to the email address you provided. We encourage you to send the application form as soon as it is ready, and not to wait until the deadline of 9 January 2022 to do so.


Please contact us via

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