Call for new Belgian projects

The Collibri Foundation is launching a call for projects! We currently support 7 projects in Belgium and 11 abroad, and we want to grow our family. Want to get involved? First, read the eligibility criteria carefully. If your project meets the criteria, submit your application by 3 December 2022. Full details of the selection procedure are available below.

What type of projects are we looking for?

Our foundation supports motivated young people aged between 15 and 24 in vulnerable situations, in Belgium and abroad. Our mission is to offer these young people future opportunities through training, guidance and dialogue. We do so by focusing on two key areas:


  1. Integration of young people in the workplace
    Young people are offered quality training and guidance in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills, soft skills and self-confidence. This training enables them to expand their knowledge of various professions, gain access to higher education and access many job opportunities.

  2. Promotion of (global) citizenship and collective conscience among young people
    They learn to participate in society, developing a will to be part of it. In this way, we encourage (intercultural) cooperation, solidarity, sustainability, a sense of initiative, leadership and critical thinking, in order to train citizens of the world who will shape the future.


The projects we support enable us to achieve our mission.

We offer support to medium-sized organisations with proven impact in Belgium that want to expand their services. We support projects to which the Collibri Foundation, as the charitable foundation of Colruyt Group, is capable of bringing real added value. We offer young people access to our group’s networks, expertise and opportunities.

Discover our full selection criteria to see if your project is eligible.

How do we support your project?

Organisations whose projects are selected commit to developing a transparent and cooperative partnership with the Collibri Foundation. They will receive five years of financial and non-financial support.

Financial support:

A total of €250,000 is offered over five years. As standard, this is split into €50,000 yearly instalments, though this may very according to the needs of the organisation. Part of the budget may also be used to strengthen the organisation’s capacity.

Non-financial support:

The partners: we contribute to the structural reinforcement of the selected organisations. This process is guided by targets set jointly at the beginning of the partnership, which may translate into the following activities: coaching, dialogue between peers, access to the company, training and workshops, access to networks of key stakeholders, visibility, etc.

The young people : we aim to strengthen the action of the projects, making a direct impact upon their beneficiaries, for example through mentoring, international exchanges, student jobs, “job day” events, language conversation tables, etc.

What do we expect from our partners?

At the Collibri Foundation, we like to work in close cooperation with all of our project partners, in order to ensure they get the most from our collaboration. That’s why we expect our partners to be willing to cooperate with other partners in our community. We seek proactive and positive relationships with partners that constantly strive to grow, learn and develop.

At the start of a partnership, we work with the partner organisation to define a set of (qualitative and qualitative) key performance indicators, which are assessed every six months in order to assess the impact of the support provided.

How does the project selection process work?

Discover the steps of our selection processbelow.


Once we have received your completed application pack, we will carefully review applications in the month of December. Only projects that reflect the Collibri Foundation vision and strategy will proceed to the next stage.

Has your project been selected? If so, we will organise an online interview with you between 9 and 27 January, in order to talk about our respective organisations and discuss elements of your application in greater detail.

After assessing the results of the interviews, five projects will advance to the final phase of the process. If your project is one of these, we will organise a site visit between 6 and 16 February. This will enable us to gain an even more detailed understanding of your project, as well as providing support and advice on the final stages of your application.

You will then have the opportunity to pitch your project to the advisory board, who will review it and assess its suitability for the Collibri Foundation based on a set of criteria. Based on the information gathered, the committee will deliberate and select two projects, which will then be presented to our board of directors.

If your project is one of the two finalists, you will pitch it to our board of directors on 17 March.They will then make the final decision on whether or not to grant support.

Length of the selection process



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