Our partners

Without our partners, we would be nowhere. We bring together all sorts of interesting people through our projects. Universities, schools, and organisations work together with the youth and our employees and exchange their expertise with each other. We strive to make each project an interesting story.

Koning Boudewijnstichting, partner van Collibri Foundation

King Baudouin Foundation

Collibri Foundation is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. This foundation supports project and civilians who commit themselves to a better society, both domestic and foreign.

Efico Foundation

Efico Foundation

Efico Foundation is an NGO that stimulates the production of sustainable coffee and cacao through training and education. Since its inception, the organisation has supported more than 50 projects for sustainable development in different production countries.

UCLeuven-Limburg, partner van Collibri Foundation.

UC Leuven-Limburg

We work in close collaboration with the students and professors of the advanced bachelor programme International Cooperation for North-South Relations at UC Leuven-Limburg. The students do an internship in a developing country, including Benin. There, they will work on our sustainable project, together with the local farming organisation and an education institution for disadvantaged young people.


Trias combats the barriers to self-development that are currently holding enterprising people around the world back from fulfilling their ambitions. We ensure that people work together, regardless of their race, age or gender. By supporting their farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations, we create a strong and sustainable basis to raise family income and transform entire communities.

Rikolto (Vredeseilanden)

Rikolto (Vredeseilanden) wants to provide farming families in the South with proper income. For this, they work together with farming organisations, governments, companies, research institutes and consumer organisations. In addition, they stimulate consumers to choose sustainable food.

Non-profit organisation YOUCA

Non-profit organisation YOUCA (formerly known as Zuiddag) stimulates young people all over the world to work together for a more sustainable and just society.  In addition to a large debate, each year they organise the campaign 'Work for Change'. For this campaign, Flemish and Brussels students get to work in a company. They donate their earnings to a project for young people in the South.


Eclosio is the NGO of the University of Liège. The organisation supports initiatives pursuing the well-being of people and care for the environment. Operations take place in Belgium, Cambodia, Senegal, Benin, Peru, Bolivia, Guinea and the mangrove areas. Thanks to a variety of projects, Eclosio supported 25,141 people in 2019, from independent Senegalese women and starting entrepreneurs in Guinea to cashew farmers in Benin and Peruvian students.


Debateville is a playful and innovative debating and speaking skill programme for young people. They learn to develop a critical mind and to express their opinion fluently.


ICT4DEV (‘ICT For Development’) specialises in the development and integration of technological applications that provide solutions to everyday problems of rural populations in Africa. With a combination of innovation, technology and knowledge, the organisation is fully focused on the future.

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