Our ambassadors

Eight Colruyt Group employees volunteer as ambassadors. They get to know all the ins and outs of their project, go on a trip to experience it for themselves and monitor the process critically. They do this for two years.


The ambassadorship is a way for employees to discover new talents and to push their boundaries.

Jef Colruyt - CEO Colruyt Group

Together we are stronger

Our ambassadors each have their own talent. This means they each get the best results from their projects in their own way. Together with the organisations, universities, and schools, they seek out new opportunities. And their enthusiasm wins over other people for their projects. Therefore, they are the perfect people to introduce their projects to a larger audience, both inside and outside Colruyt Group. 

Elien Vandamme - Mentor-Escale: a welcome for minors

"I got to know Collibri Foundation via the Indonesian "Better education" project. Indeed, I was looking for social commitment, devoting myself to other people. So I am extremely grateful to Colruyt Group for giving me this opportunity to contribute to one of its latest projects. As an ambassador for Mentor Escale, I hope more people will receive equal opportunities. The unaccompanied minor youngsters, who have found or are trying to find a home with Mentor Escale, inspire me. After everything they have gone through, they seem to be enormously hopeful and believing in people and society. You can also feel they are proud and willing to get to know Colruyt Group. Many possibilities, many opportunities for these young people as well as for me to grow as a person. Thank you Collibri Foundation."
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Jan Robberecht - Benin: Education for Light - Light for Education and sustainable education

“As ambassador, I make a modest contribution to eliminate injustice in the world. My ambassadorship also enables me to look behind the scenes at our company. I'm suddenly part of a communications project, for instance. For me as an engineer, that is a completely new and fascinating experience. I participate in selling ice cream, a photo shoot, and the ambassador days, among other things. I also head up our own initiatives to make the Collibri projects more well-known. It has taught me that storytelling is much more important than I had ever thought. I can then apply that knowledge in my job as R&D engineer. So I'm extremely grateful that I can help write this story. I can really recommend it.”
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Jonas Janssens - Burundi: coffee and education hand in hand

"Ever since I was a young boy, I have been concentrating on people, feeling happy whenever I was able to help other people. People I did or did not know. There was never anything in if for me, except a smile. As a person, I think Collibri Foundation is a commendable initiative. Equal opportunities, training and personal growth are things I feel very strongly about. As a co-worker I am proud that Colruyt Group uses its influence to develop the talents of young people. As an ambassador for the Burundian coffee farmers, I hope to contribute to making their story known. A story about how these coffee farmers succeed in thinking about the day after tomorrow when they don't even know what tomorrow will hold in store. To put it briefly, the ambassadorship is a role I will fulfil proudly and smiling."
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Kris Durant - Colombia: education in coffee

“Coffee is my passion. When you think of coffee, you think of Colombia. Some of the best coffee comes from Colombia, such as the Kachalù coffee. I'm definitely a lover of Kachalù. And I hope to inspire enthusiasm for this Colombian pearl in more people. Because with the project in Colombia, we give young people the chance to get a proper education. This allows us to ensure a better future for them and we can continue to enjoy great Colombian coffee.”
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Lisa Derycke - Belgium: active citizenship during Zuiddag

“I'm very enthusiastic about starting my adventure as ambassador for Zuiddag. At school I was ambassador for an immersion trip to the South. So I do have an idea of what I can expect. Zuiddag is a great example of a new type of development aid that I wholeheartedly believe in. It goes beyond collecting money to donate to one charity or another. Citizens, young people in this case, really put their indignation to use. They roll up their sleeves and work for charity for one day. It is an honour to be a spokesperson for all these young, committed people. Because they are the ones working on a sustainable and just world this way.”
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Nancy Geeroms - Indonesia: better education, better future

“I left for an immersion trip to Indonesia in August of 2015, full of wonderment and questions. I met so many great people that really had an impact on me, and I returned full of insights. I'm convinced that educational projects like these are worth it. Each year, they allow us to give several Indonesian young people hope for a better future. To connect with these young people creates a special dynamic that is incredibly inspiring to me. Hopefully my story can inspire people in turn.”
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Philippe Toussaint - Senegal: Training to be a banana farmer - Girls in school

"In my job as domain owner for sustainable buying, I am making Colruyt products more sustainable and looking for new sustainable chain projects. I have been involved in the development of our new 'banana' chain in Senegal since it started in 2013. The courage and enthusiasm of these producers is really incredible! So it is with pleasure that I can now do something for them by becoming an ambassador and contributing to the Collibri project to train these young people to become banana farmers. I hope that my modest contribution will help to make these projects and these motivated and open-hearted, welcoming people better known. Like throwing small pebbles in the water, hoping that the circles will become larger and larger."
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Véronique De Rijck - Mentor-Escale: a welcome for minors

"I am happy that Colruyt Group gives me the opportunity to become the ambassador for a valuable project such as Mentor Escale. At Mentor Escale, I see lots of youngsters who are alone and yet dream of a worthy future. After all the hardships they have gone through, they will have this future if they succeed in being part of our society. Training and active coaching is crucial to achieve this. And thanks to Collibri Foundation, we can support them in their efforts. Because these young people are here, in Belgium, I can think ahead and take action in my role of ambassador! Think up ways for Mentor Escale and Colruyt Group to work together to give these young people education opportunities and bring us closer together as there is so much we can learn from one another. I would like to buckle down to this in the years to come."
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