ICT education for a sustainable future

After the investment in the Kachalù region where the El Bosque school was renovated was a success, a second project followed in 2010. This time, the focus was on how to use computer programmes to sustainably produce coffee.

New location

The project took place at the Las Delicias school in Puente Nacional, a department in Santander. The 70 primary school students and 148 secondary school students were all children of local coffee farmers. Half of them were girls.

They were taught two computer classes and were given access to laptops. But the Sustainable Coffee Harvest educational programme also taught the students to treat natural resources with respect.


By training the students in coffee production, they can stay in the countryside and make their future there. They are a lot more motivated and stay in school longer. By also training the teachers, the quality of education improved and rose to the level of city schools.

In short, the school bolsters regional development. Moreover, it now also owns the renovated infrastructure, which will guarantee the future education of all new students.

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