Collibri Foundation initiatives in Burundi

For many young people in Burundi, education is a luxury. Yet they would like to learn a profession. Such as, for example, carpentry, plumbing, or sewing. All this is possible with the right education.

Investing in the future

Hervé Lisoir from the King Baudouin Foundation wants to invest in innovative education for young Burundi people in the long term. "This project is based on the students' ambition and helps them fulfil these ambitions. We believe that students can change their situation, and that they motivate others as well. These are young people full of potential. They have a job and collaborate on projects in the region. They ensure a whole new dynamic."

Honest coffee and goal-oriented education

Because social development is important to us we also help the farmers in the region. Agriculture is Burundi's main economic activity. Their most important export product is coffee. We encourage the Burundi coffee farmers to take control of the complete chain. This will get them the price for their product they deserve.

In collaboration with Efico and the King Baudouin Foundation.


Colruyt Group shares its expertise

For many Burundi families, coffee is the biggest source of income. Therefore, they deserve an honest price for their product. Colruyt Group helps them in this. The family company has been roasting its own coffee since 1937. The group invited, among others, Burundi coffee farmers for a company visit. And they provide advice about marketing and pricing. One of the spearheads of the company.

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